In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, George Baily, when faced with a mob of angry savers, must explain why he can’t simply give them their money:

Well, your money’s in Joe’s house that’s right next to yours. And in the Kennedy House, and Mrs. Macklin’s house, and, and a hundred others. Why, you’re lending them the money to build, and then, they’re going to pay it back to you as best they can.

For investors, Community Funders is creating a new answer to the question “Where’s your money?” Today that answer might be “PLRIX, DEEAX, SDY, AAPL, and a savings account at B of A”. We’d like the future answer to include things like “That great brew-pub on the corner” and “a cool local startup making better battery chargers”.

For business owners, it’s about valuing the unique assets that aren’t reflected in your credit score of 670. This isn’t charity, but your business may have true financial assets that a bank doesn’t recognize. If you have an existing loan, you might get a better rate by moving it local. If you can’t get a loan, this might be a way to get one.

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